William Goldman’s The Princess Bride

If you have seen this film, you will already know that this fairy tale is one of legend. It has everything; fencing, damsels, giants and torture! It is a favourite of mine anyway, so when I saw this book in Waterstone’s, I leaped at the chance to buy it.

It did not disappoint.


William Goldman has adapted Morgenstern’s story tremendously, he has captured all the ‘juicy bits’ from the story and bejeweled them to make them extraordinary. The characters are classically heroic and all have great dynamics.

Buttercup is our damsel, common but beyond beautiful and full of goodness, captures the attention of high-roller Prince Humperdink. After losing her only love, Westley; Buttercup insists she’ll never love again and so decides to find a compromise and decides to reach for a better life. Before the wedding, Buttercup gets kidnapped by a Sicilian, a Spaniard and a Giant.

But the three fugitives and the victim are quickly under siege by the Man in Black. And so begins the quest to save Buttercup; through the cliffs of despair, the fire swamp, and the pit of despair. The Man in Black fights for Buttercup and for his life, through all these obstacles and doing us hopeless romantics proud!

I give this story a 5 out of 5 stars!!

Caption from the book
my favourite paragraph ever written

A xo

If you read this and you’re a fan: try watching the film!


Author: ChronicWriter

a writer, living with Endometriosis

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