This is the face of Chronic Illness…

Do I look sick? This is the face of an invisible chronic illness. 

Inspired by indisposedandundiagnosed

I got married!!!!!
20th December 2015, my wedding day – 1 week out of hospital
January 17th – 1 day post-laparoscopy
May 2015, surviving on heavy pain meds
2015-05-29 17.09.20
End of May 15 – Pain umanageable, triggers SVT

In half of the photos in the post, you wouldn’t even know that I was in severe pain- taking drugs such as Tramadol or Oromorph just to be able to stand upright. In the other half, it is plainly obvious that something is not right. When I hear: “But you don’t look sick”, something inside me shrivels up, like I have to prove that I’m ill, as if I don’t struggle enough each day…

Let’s see your picture; what is the face of chronic illness?

A xo


Author: ChronicWriter

a writer, living with Endometriosis

5 thoughts on “This is the face of Chronic Illness…”

    1. Yes, when I read the end and it said ‘encourage you to post similar photo’ I thought why not spread this around?! People should know how it is! Your blog is really something. X


      1. Oh god! 😣 looking now, it looks like I’ve taken your idea- which wasn’t my intention at all!! I’ve mentioned you in the post now, if that’s ok? So sorry about that! Would you rather I delete? X


      2. Oh yes! Sorry people usually tag me in it – so it links to the original.
        But it’s okay.
        Thanks for your kind words. I hope it does something for the community
        Even something little! xx have a great day


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