Home made Fish PIE

There is no greater comfort food than PIE. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or savoury, it just seems to hit the spot every time. Completely satisfying. Among my favourites are Apple & Blackberry, Chicken & Mushroom and the classic Fish Pie.

Tonight, I made my own fish pie.


Instead of buying a standard pie mix, I bought different fillets of the fish I like best.

In this pie I used: Smoked Basa and fillet of Basa, squid, prawns and mussels. Plus, mashed potatoes, cheese and parsley sauce! This can be put together in advance and oven’d at the last minute!

Cut the larger fillets into cubes, roughly the same size. Place in a pan with milk and water and bring to the boil until fish is cooked. Drain and leave to dry a little.  The prawns, squid & mussels can be put in afterwards as they take less time to cook! mix these together with the cooked fish and parsley sauce. Place in an oven dish and dollop mashes potatoes on top.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and put pie in the middle. 20 minutes later, sprinkle your favourite cheese on top of the mash and return to the oven. Cook until cheese has melted and become golden.

I served my fish pie with carrots, peas and green beans. My hubby is from Yorkshire and so has to have bread and butter; yum!

Absolutely stuffed now!

A xo

p.s. (( I cheated a little and bought pre-made Parsley sauce but here’s the recipe if you have the time! ))


Author: ChronicWriter

a writer, living with Endometriosis

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