Describe a person you see everyday

On my way to work in the early morning, before all the shops open and there are only the bus riders and tired looking people; clutching their coffee cups with intense enthusiasm. I see a man, everyday, in a hurry.
I know what you’re thinking; ‘he’s probably on his way to work or hurrying for the bus’. Which is clearly a likely possibility. Like a little busy turtle, he carries a stuffed-to-bursting backpack, all his treasures inside. What’s he got in there? Being a little odd and on autopilot my imagination runs wild. He’s a spy, he has all his gadgets and “lasers” in the backpack. He’s homeless and that’s where his sleeping bag is- wait… he looks too tidy. It’s full of stationary, he works an office job. Maybe he’s still in school? And on and on…
This man is smartly dressed, middle-aged and always looks cheerful. There’s sort of a skip in his step, like he’s excited for the day ahead.
I tried to be like that, Monday morning, 7.30am and failed.
Maybe he’s not going to work?

Remember when we were little, our mums would pack us up with lunch and a rain coat and extra drinks, snacks for the bus? We’d skip on our way in the morning, faces full of smiles. Where were we going? SCHOOL TRIP. Maybe this happy fellow is off on a trip? I mean, someone’s got to write reviews. He’s got the best job ever! He visits all these exciting places so he can write a review. This guy works for Trip Advisor!

I know what I want to be when I grow up…


A xo


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