What do I pack for Surgery?

So you’re booked in for surgery, do you need to take anything?

Normally, a straight-forward laparoscopy would be done as a day-case.

However, there is always a chance you may have to stay overnight. Be like a boy scout, be prepared. Just-in-case. You won’t want to be without your comforts if an extended stay should happen.


New items I’ll buy closer to the operation date:

  • Buy new pyjamas – a really comfy, bright coloured, awesome pyjama set. Make sure it’s loosing fitting and the bottoms have a soft elastic waist.
  • New pyjamas need new slippers – try and get a pair with a firm rubber sole with grips as you’ll be expected to wear slippers down to the operating theatre/prep room.


**On the day – wear comfortable clothes. Plan what clothes you’ll be travelling home in, trousers needs to be loose fitting, soft waistband.**


You’ll need:

  • Any paperwork from the hospital that is relevant to the surgery
  • Any regular medications
  • PJs, slippers & dressing gown.
  • A few pairs of Pants – I don’t mean the mini lace pair or the Ann Summers special – I mean 100% cotton briefs from Marks & Sparks. Full coverage, comfy, not tight.
  • Socks
  • Clean t-shirt – loose fitting
  • Soft crop top / wireless bra
  • Baby wipes/Face wipes – all make-up has to be taken off for the operation.
  • Shower gel, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, brush – the usual stuff
  • A few Tampax/pads – just in case.
  • Heat pad
  • Headphones, phone charger, book/kindle/magazine
  • Bottle of water/drink – for after the surgery


Also, be aware – you will not be allowed to have jewellery on during the surgery. If you prefer to keep your wedding ring on, the nurse might have to put a plaster/surgical tape around it.






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