Cut the cuts

I have recently found out that the University of Northampton have cut their Philosophy course. This is a damn shame!!
First of all, the university is well known for it’s social sciences and philosophy departments, what has it got to gain from cutting the course? Money. It has left staff that are involved in this course out of work, the current students frustrated by this solution and future students; left with no other option than to apply to a different university.Have we been told why higher authorities have come to this decision? I think not.
This blogger has heard that there may be further cuts through out the uni, including in the social sciences department.
It has been known that the Media course has been flitted out, only after investing on tons of new facilities that will now be useless (facilities including the brand new 3-D room!) Why??
There is now a new society at the university of Northampton. It’s sole aim?? To get the Philosophy courses back in the prospectus!

Sign the petition today & get involved.…

A xo


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