Learning to Exhale

When everything’s going a million miles an hour and a month turns into a year overnight, a lot of people (mainly girlfriends) I’ve spoken to start to panic. Me included, I assure you. Take the last year, I’ve gone from plodding through student life one lecture and exam at a time, to full time work. This year started with a great lapse in my physical health, which caused a huge emergency stop and a lot of tea to get over it.
Which has led me to now, about start a new job with more responsibility than my lil’ shoulders can carry. I’m the first to admit; at one time you’d probably find me in a cupboard rocking somewhere. However, over the last few months I’ve gained a new perspective.

I’ve realised that if I’m going to save the world, it’s time to learn to exhale. Take the good with the bad. I can’t constantly be worrying about ‘what if this happens?’ or ‘what will they think?’ The answer is…Who cares? Be who you want to be, everything else will fall into place.

Shit is gonna happen people. And there’s not a lot we can do about it. It’s not about the challenges or mistakes we make it’s how we meet it head on, stare it full in its ugly face and say “fuck you” (pause for dramatic affect).

 A xo


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