Those who wander are not lost

Lincoln Cathedral

Going on an outing by myself is something I have never done. Unless I have an errand or something to do. But to wander around aimlessly, alone, was enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my friends, my family and my husband. But to enjoy some me time, quietly, wandering from one interesting place to another is something quite different. This alone time allowed me to reflect on what is current in my life, to put things into perspective and to manage my thoughts.

It is important to remember that I am an individual, with my own interests and favourites. I think sometimes when you are one half of a pair it is easy to forget your own needs and wants. Luckily, the other half of my pair understands me and motivates me to follow my passions.

Whilst walking around Lincoln city center on my own, I kept thinking how cities are full of variety, full of culture and opportunities. I came to realise that creative beings will like and inspire and try to motivate other creative beings. Like a cult – moulding one mind after another with bright colours, magical words and captivating tones. Be them artist, writer, composer or actor.

A friend, who has known me a long time, told me to keep writing.
An acquaintance told me to write, if it is my passion, to write.
Does that mean they recognise me as one of their own? Oh, to be creative! For I have never identified myself thus.

Maybe I should be a writer. I mean, if creative people think my writing is good then surely it is, right?

As I said, creative people seem to want to enable other creative people. And this is a wonderful thing to do.

A xo


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