G D Falksen’s The Ouroboros Cycle: A Monster’s Coming of Age Story

G D Falksen is a great writer. The story has depth and this book is a real page-turner. Falksen, the ‘steampunk’ writer has produced a masterpiece. I loved it from beginning to end!
Babette is the granddaughter of William, a well-known mogul in French society, who holds dark secrets. Unlike other young women of her time, she is enthralled by literature and knowledge not gowns and frills. Babette is sought after by Alfonse, a beastly colonel after her entree into society. However, she falls for Korbinian, a dashing Baron from Germany. And this is where the trouble starts.
More than anything else, this story is one of love but has excited twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing. Falksen introduces interesting character dynamics, set in a time when society kept very much to the expected. The dynamic between Babette’s father James and her Grandfather is complicated; William is disappointed with the James has become but ignores this through love and Alfonse seeks matrimony to Babette, although he cares nothing for her but adheres to his father’s insistence on the union.
There is an underlying hint of feminism in Babette’s role. She demands equality in a male-led profession, breaking societal rules by attending university and by marrying a man for love rather than advantage.
I give this book 4 stars out of 5. It is so different, refreshing and makes the reader quickly chose sides when the trouble starts.
What I also loved about this book, that every chapter has a beautiful illustration. Each one very well drawn in a dark, steampunk-ish style that complimented the story fantastically.
A lovely story, that will keep you hanging onto every word, wanting more when it ends. But don’t worry! The sequel is also available- The Ouroboros Cycle, Book 2: A Cautionary Tale for Young Vampires.
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Author: ChronicWriter

a writer, living with Endometriosis

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