An Apology.

Being the partner of someone who suffers with Endometriosis is hard. It’s hard to see the person you love go through so much, seeing them in pain constantly and feeling helpless. It’s difficult to watch her lose a part of herself each month as pain wracks her body or hormones warp her spirit, turning her into someone she’s not.

I can only guess how hard it is, I can’t imagine what my husband has thought or felt during this last year; pre-diagnosis and post. I’m just thankful he’s been with me.

Over the past several months, I have not been myself. I have not been the woman he fell in love with. You might say ‘it can’t be helped, you’ve been through a lot’ which is true in a lot of ways. But why should he have to suffer someone he no longer knows?

Pain turns people into a shadow of the person they were without it. Pain takes hold and destroys the spirit like a cancer destroys the body. A person can only take so much before they give up to despair. Luckily my husband has stood by me through it all.

I have had the Depo Provera injection. This will be the third week after my first dose. My doctor told me it would help with the pain. It has a little. But it’s something else that’s worrying me. The Depo Provera injection says ‘Mood Changes’ on the side effects list. Understatement. They say hormones are a big part of distinguishing who you are. Hormones have a strong relationship with emotions. And being someone who is madly driven by emotion- this has had a huge effect. I’m not making excuses, I’m just trying to understand.

My thoughts are darker, I’m moodier and I have mood swings so bad I feel like I might have whiplash. I have just started a new job which is causing me to concentrate and has taken its toll on my brain which has been on sick leave since December. I’m tired, my husband is tired. I don’t find his jokes as much fun as I used to. The little patience I did have has all but expired. This has started to affect my marriage. I’m pretty sure my husband, family and friends have noticed.

I’m trying my best to be me, it’s hard. But I’m just asking for time and patience and a little understanding. Like people say ‘anything worth having is never easy.’ I thank you for your patience.

But in the meantime, I apologise wholeheartedly for being a bitch.


A xo


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