In March we wear Yellow


March is Endometriosis awareness month. This month endo sufferers all over the world are trying to raise awareness of endometriosis and hopefully help people to recognize the symptoms sooner rather than later.

This month I have made bracelets (shown above) and I am selling as many as I can in order to raise money for Worldwide Endometriosis Research Foundation. I am having a bake sale at work. I am hoping that my contribution will bring them a little bit closer to reducing the average diagnosis time down from 7 years.

On 19th March, women in the UK will travel to London to meet with other women with the condition. They will don their yellow t-shirts, raise  their banners and march through the city, raising the question “What is Endometriosis?” This is good. We want people to ask about it, to be curious, we want young girls to know that agonising period pain is not normal, that it’s ok to ask the doctor about it.

I’m just doing my bit…

in march we wear yellow.


A xo


Author: ChronicWriter

a writer, living with Endometriosis

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