a Lush night in July

So every month around pay day, I go and treat myself at my local Lush store in Doncaster. I don’t drink, or smoke, or have a crazy hobby so this is how I celebrate the start of a new month.

This month I was really lucky to visit my cousin who lives in Manchester and like a true tourist walked around with my eyes wide and my mouth open, overwhelmed by the busyness of a city (this happens every time I leave the Shire and I should learn to expect this now!)

I was completely unaware there was more than one Lush store in Manchester centre – duh! I ended up in the smaller of the two and left feeling a little bit deflated. But then I had a “A-Ha!” when I Googled it later. Next time!

I bought a Butterball bath bomb – which is one of my Lush Legends – it smells lovely, it makes my skin feel amazing and it’s really gentle on the skin. Absolutely lovely and at an awesome price!


The day after Manchester-gate, I had to do a boring shopping day to get some new school (work) shoes and trousers for my new job (more on this later!). So I hit up Doncaster and it never fails to please me. I bought The Comforter bubble-bar which is also one of my Lush Legends. Each month, I pick one these up. It’s huge and one bar could easily do 3-4 baths, depending how bubbly/pink you prefer it. The aroma is really subtle and calming and who doesn’t just love a bubble bath? It also turns your bath water PINK!


I have tried a Lip Scrub recently as well, the bubblegum flavoured one. This is a really great product to use in your “Going Out-Out” routine. Its great to prep your lips and exfoliate them before applying lipstick. It’s a little pricey for a small tub but a little goes a long way.

bble.pngBeing married to a Yorkshireman, I usually prefer a nice cup of tea in the morning, but lately I have been mad about coffee. And to tie this in with my morning routine, I’ve been waking my face up with the Cup ‘O Coffee face mask. Oh-my-! This brightens and exfoliates and smells like the best cup of java ever. An awesome product that I will buy again and again. It really does do what it says on the pot & all the ladies in the store use it too!


One thing I love about Lush products is that they are made from natural ingredients, which is so good for your skin and they are all animal cruelty free – so my conscious can relax too! I love that there is so much variety available, I’m not someone that can tolerate strong aromas, as they can trigger for a migraine. So it’s great that there are much gentler scents like Rose, Coconut, Lavendar and more. I have linked all the products in this post- so you can have a mooch around the Lush website.

I’m so happy with July’s purchases and the Lush Doncaster staff are uber helpful and their customer service is always spot on. Can’t wait for next month!


A xo



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