Notebook Haul

There is nothing a writer loves more than a new notebook – except maybe, caffeine?

I am a huge stationary fiend. During my years at 6th form, I worked in Partners (now known as Rymans!) where I got a pretty decent staff discount. Nightmare! But what I will say is- at the start of a new term, my pencil case was choc-a-block and bursting with shiny new pens. September very quickly became my favourite month, pre-school prep would commence!


Now though, I still can’t resist a  new notebook, a new capsule for my thoughts, memories in binding. And so, here are what I’ve treated myself to over the last couple of months.

(Now I’m officially a grown-up, I don’t have wait till the end of term to splurge on stationary!) eek.

  1. Home Bargains (89p) – Lined B5 with 64 pages and plastic cover
  2. Sainsburys (gift) – A5 hardback, spiral bound, lined
  3. Paperchase (£7) – Lined A5 notebook with plastic cover with ribbon page-marker
  4. Paperchse (£6) – Tall, spiral bound, hardback with lined paper
  5. The Works (£1) – Plain, paperback, lightweight



It’s like Thumbelina’s Diary!

Wilko (£2.50) – One Thought a Day diary,covers 5 years, tiny with ribbon page-marker


I am currently abusing #1 (Home Bargains) for my blog scribbles  as it’s a great size and the paper has a silky feel which helps my pen temporarily forget it’s left-handed awkwardness.


5 stars!






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