Do I use Coconut oil? Yes!


For the past year or so, there’s been a lot of fussing over coconut oil and how amazeballs it is for your skin, health, food- how you can use it for everything! For the longest time, I tried to resist the urge to buy a jar and jump on the bandwagon but I found some with a great price point, tried it, loved it, so… I’m now a Coconut Oil Convert!

What do I use Coconut Oil for?

  • Use in cooking/baking as an alternative, healthier oil
  • Hair mask
  • Frizz fighter – I use a small amount after styling my hair to calm fly-aways and seal split ends.
  • ‘Herbal’ Rub *cough/wink* penetrates the skin to treat muscle aches, abdo pain. *Inspired by Whoopi & Maya products from the US*
  • As bath oil. Add some to a hot bath, it’s a natural skin moisturiser.
  • Lip balm
  • Make up remove


 Have you tried organic coconut oil?

How did you use the oil?

What did you think?