Chicken or the Egg………………………in psychology?

So basically, I got into quite a heated debate earlier this evening at the SU bar. 2 guys were discussing whether anxiety or anxious dispositions are innate (biological) i suggested that there must be social factors involved to trigger such emotional stimuli. And we’re off….

Freud was mentioned (god help us!) and the ID, EGO & SUPEREGO… then there was sexual orientation and whether or not it occurs naturally and whether we have that sexual identity from birth. Is it developed?

It was then argued that paedophiles are not born with an attraction to children but they ‘find’ that particular behaviour. He went on to say that people are born gay or straight, bu then surely paedophiles would be born with the innate attraction to minors as it is sexual attraction (even if it is a deviant one) ?

Do we develop into the people we are today? Or are we born with the cognitive ability, social preferences and behaviours? Nature  vs Nurture, that’s the debate. 

It’s complicated and my colleague issued a “chicken or the egg?” statement which was highly frustrating and i resent it!

SO what do you think? lemme know..

A xo

Who is Ray?

It is a rare occasion that both of my preferred fields (Psychology & Journalism) coincide. However, it has.
“An English-speaking teenager, thought to be 17, has been found living rough in the woods in Germany. He walked into Berlin’s City Hall and his first words were: “I’m all alone in the world”. Police are still trying to identify the young man. In good health, he calls himself Ray and can speak English fluently. He said he had walked from the forest, where he had been living with his father for the last five years.According to his story, his father was killed in a fall some two weeks ago.He has claimed he buried the body in a shallow grave and covered it with stones before walking to civilisation.” The youth remains in the care of Social Services.
'I'm All Alone': Forest Boy's First Words
Now, could this be a feral child? There have been some, albeit rare, cases around the world where children have shown feral characteristics.
Genie Wiley from LA, was locked in her bedroom for the first 13years of her life. In 1970, the police had taken her into custody. She never learned language, still wore diapers and spoke in infantile grunts and whines. This was a severe case of neglect.
However, from hearing the beginning of his story it is apparent that this youth is NOT feral. He was simply raised in a natural environment. He only started living rough in the past 5 years which means he would’ve learned language and behavioural skills from his parents and possibly, school. As he knows little German it is likely he is not originally from Germany.
It seems that Ray has no idea who he is (Interpol are investigating his background, trying to identify him) this could be due to a trauma from his past, possibly after the event of his mother’s death. He has withdrawn into a smaller, less educated version of himself. This is called Repression. It describes the most powerful and evasive method of defence, according to Freud. It allows the individual (Ray) to push unacceptable impulses out of awareness, back into the unconscious mind.
Due to this, the investigation must be carried out with caution as Ray will be fragile and, as no one is aware of his past, there is no telling how he could perceive the help Berlin’s police & social services are trying to provide.
The Foreign Office in London are also involved in trying to solve this riddle.
Until, his past is recovered Ray will remain unknown.
Prayers for Ray
A xo