Chicken or the Egg………………………in psychology?

So basically, I got into quite a heated debate earlier this evening at the SU bar. 2 guys were discussing whether anxiety or anxious dispositions are innate (biological) i suggested that there must be social factors involved to trigger such emotional stimuli. And we’re off….

Freud was mentioned (god help us!) and the ID, EGO & SUPEREGO… then there was sexual orientation and whether or not it occurs naturally and whether we have that sexual identity from birth. Is it developed?

It was then argued that paedophiles are not born with an attraction to children but they ‘find’ that particular behaviour. He went on to say that people are born gay or straight, bu then surely paedophiles would be born with the innate attraction to minors as it is sexual attraction (even if it is a deviant one) ?

Do we develop into the people we are today? Or are we born with the cognitive ability, social preferences and behaviours? Nature  vs Nurture, that’s the debate. 

It’s complicated and my colleague issued a “chicken or the egg?” statement which was highly frustrating and i resent it!

SO what do you think? lemme know..

A xo


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