Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Kit

Where? Boots.

How much? £12

I bought the temple balm over 2 weeks ago, as I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, and if I don’t get my 8 hours, I’m a crypt-keeper in the mornings. I was struck by how soothing the scent of the temple balm was; a combination of lavender, geranium and other English garden scents. I love the smell. The texture of the balm is smooth and blends into the skin without being sticky, melts easily though so be careful where you store it!

After a week of just using this, I was yet to see the benefits. But was optimistic so, I decided to buy the gift set.

Price point-wise, it was great. I got a massive bottle of pillow mist, the same amount of balm as well as a high-quality eye mask all for this low price (plus my Boots Advantage Card points!)

The Pillow Mist has a slightly different scent but it lingers on the bed linens for a while & I seemed to instantly calm after inhaling it. Right from the first time I used these products, it was obvious to me that it was luxurious and well-thought-out but affordable.

However, is it affective at helping me sleep? Great products, but I am yet to feel the benefit of using them. I think this is more than likely due to my personal circumstances at this time- my head’s a shed & unfortunately there’s not a quick-fix or £12 that can sort my issues.

I must say though; my husband loves this stuff. Each night, I just rub the balm into his pulse points (wrists, neck, temples) and 5 minutes later he’s sock on! And this, my friends, is a beast who has tried sleeping tablets and must take muscle relaxants (as part of a regular medication to ease cluster headaches). Miracle? Well, Champneys must be doing something right!

Have you tried this?

Have you had trouble sleeping? If so, what helped you?