So listen…I’m at work at a Drum&Bass event and I’m approached by someone wanting a drink.. This seems all very normal – it is. Double vodka red bull: Normal. £2.70: Normal. She pays with a £5 note: Normal. White powder on my hands after handling the note: DEFINITELY NOT NORMAL.

I don’t think I’ve ever overreacted more. I mean..I was justified. It’s not every day that I have illegal residue on my hands. It was very difficult to keep calm. But what’s worse is, the fact that the girl whose not it was was completely nonchalant about it. Didn’t seem to care! Like nothing was amiss. It was very odd.

So, after washing my hands at least 6 times (with alcohol gel and bleach) I went home and after conveying the events to my housemates discovered that my reaction was completely normal. My housemates said that they surely would’ve reacted in the same way. It was SHOCKING.

A xo


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