I got married!!!!!

I am now Mrs Aimée Finlay
And I love it!
I felt a certain melancholy mood when it hit me that I was having to relinquish up my maiden name, I mean, we’ve been through a lot together. School, first boyfriends, bad boyfriends, bullies, college, driving, uni, several jobs… it all adds up! But then, as I signed my name Miss A Staples, for the very last time, I looked to the man next to me and realised that my name might change, but I would always be who I am, and this guy will always be along for the ride. (— I know! loved up smushy stuff!)
My husband & I
Planning the wedding was a laid back procedure. We decided where and when in January 2014. I decided my bridesmaids would have dresses that were comfortable and that they’d be able to wear again. My cake was made by my Nan (who else?) she makes her cakes with love. The groom organised the food and his suit. He didn’t wear jeans, he looked very dapper in a suit. Our wedding invitations we designed ourselves after perusing Pinterest for what seemed like an age! We had them printed at Burgess in Retford. The staff there were lovely and put up with me and my nagging and editing..they helped us make our invites bespoke and something special –  http://www.burgessdesignandprint.com/
The dress. She was amazing. Off white, simple, full-length, elegant. My dress came from a lovely boutique in Bawtry, South Yorkshire –  Celebrations of Bawtry. Susan is a wonderful woman who provides such an excellent service for ladies looking for their special dress. She turns this into an experience, she’s warm, welcoming, down to earth and amazing at what she does. Susan had me more excited every minute I was in her shop! I tried on a few different dresses but knew the moment I saw it which one was meant for me. I remember saying to Susan “I feel like dancing..” She replied “Dance then!” So there I was, in a stunning bridal gown, dancing! I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Thank you for being so wonderful and looking after me so well!
Me and my Daddy
My hair was done by the lovely Dominique at SalonYou in Retford. I had a glass of Prosecco, relaxed and left it all to her. Due to being poorly, I’d had to cancel my trial so didn’t really have a plan with what it was going to look like. Did I worry? No. Dom was perfect. She made me look like I had loads more hair than I did and it looked fab! Check out the salon: www.salon-you.co.uk 5 star service! 
One of my oldest (as in, I’ve known her forever, not that she’s old!) friends helped me with my make-up. She’s studying veterinary nursing at uni, but she’s a wizard with a make-up brush. We talked about what I wanted. She recommend I get Bare Minerals lightest foundation – expensive but awesome! We had a trial, which took over an hour as I kept having a breakdown and giggling! She was smashing. You wouldn’t have believed I’d come out of hospital a week before the wedding and had been very ill! My make-up was flawless. Nicola Morris, I salute you!
My Bridesmaids: Luci, Lora (MoH), Kitty & Alice
My flowergirl: Annabel
We married in my home town Retford; surrounded by the people we love, at a time of year that I get ecstatic about – Christmas! Our Ceremony took place at the registry office. The promises we made to each other were lovely and I giggled the whole way through it!
Santa’s here
The Reception was held at the Town Hall in the ballroom, which is an amazing room all on its own without the decorations. The lights were twinkling, guests were smiling and even Santa made an appearance. We decided that we would make our wedding all about family, relaxed, fun and memorable. Santa came and all the mini-guests got a gift. It was special and makes me smile every time I think of their little faces; waiting, gazing up at him.
Our first dance; Van Morrison’s Moondance, was the highlight of my night. I’ve never felt more in love than that moment. I put my arms around my husband and wanted to squish him so tight he couldn’t breathe BUT for photo purposes, I held it together!
First dance as Mr & Mrs Finlay
I threw my bouquet into a crowd of eager ladies of all ages. Friends I’ve grown up with through high school and college, family members who are already married, and little ladies who won’t be marrying for at least 10 years. I hurled that bouquet at them with wreckless abandon. My youngest new daughter, Alice (who’s 10) leaped over my friends and caught the bouquet, wrestling for it! I laughed a lot. My friend, who felt cheated, did not. Ah well… When catching a bouquet, it’s every girl for herself!
After catching the bouquet: Kitty & Alice
Decorations were decided based on the festive season and were child-friendly and mostly edible. I put candy canes and sweets on mini Christmas trees with LED lights wrapped around. There were crackers galore.
The entertainment came in the form of Sabrina Martin. Her Lady Vintage set was amazing. She’s such a lovely lady, and helped us feel at ease from the planning, to the run-up and then the actual event. If you haven’t heard of her, look her up! @SabrinaMOffic on Twitter – sabrinamartina.com – or look for her on YouTube. Sabrina turned a great night into something extra special. I will recommend her to any event.
One of my dear friends; me & Sara
My wedding day was amazing. I looked like a bride, felt like a bride, actually WAS a BRIDE. But, whilst saying that, it was great to get home and put my jammies on! You can put a girl in the dress, but it shouldn’t change who she is.
Thank you to all those who came to celebrate our love for one another. It was a very special day and I will remember it forever.
Nick, I love you. Everyday.
A xo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xqurxpB3XU – A taste of Sabrina, our singer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lFxGBB4UGU – Van Morrison’s Moondance (have a listen!)

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