Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on your recent victory in the 2015 General Elections.

I am hoping that the rise in UKIP and Labour votes and how passionate the British citizens are about the National Health Service have caused you to have second thoughts about disbanding it.

I am only writing to voice my concerns about your plans to make the NHS private. Please don’t. Not only is this country proud to have such a great service but the employees within the NHS work hard to make it so. I know it doesn’t always have a good light and I’ve had my fair share of rubbish experiences via the NHS, but it’s a facility we desperately need in the UK.

I am 24 years old. I graduated university at 21 with honours and started working full time in my chosen field within a few weeks of getting my diploma. I had 4 jobs within private facilities and the NHS; working in mental healthcare. I pay national insurance and starting paying back my student loans. I was doing well.

Last year, I visited my GP with complaints of increasing pain every month, coinciding with my menstrual cycle. I was referred to a gynaecologist. He gave me medication and refused to send me for surgery, thinking it would be too invasive. Six months later, in August, I was so overcome with pain I had to drag myself to the bathroom, crawling into the bath to try and find some relief. I contacted NHS Direct (111) and they advised I sought urgent medical attention. My partner drove me to A&E. I was admitted to hospital and given several tests which all proved normal. I was sent home.

I was admitted to hospital twice more last year. Once in September for a week, where the staff in hospital helped me manage the pain before discharging me and referring me to a specialist. The second time was a week before my wedding. The staff, once again helped me manage the pain, which was excruciating- I can’t even describe it. And I only had 3 days on my feet before I got married, but I made it!

In January 2015, on my birthday, I had my first Laparoscopic surgery. My consultant found that my ovaries had fused to my pelvis and I had adhesions all around my reproductive organs and pelvis. These all had to be lasered away. I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a chronic illness in which endometrial tissue (normally found in the uterus) is found in other parts of the body. It is commonly found in the reproductive area but can be found in the abdominal cavity, it has even been found in the lungs. Each month, hormonal changes in the body trigger the endometrial tissue to dissolve (a period), which means the tissue in other parts of the body bleeds as well. This can lead to severe pain. 1 in 10 women suffer with Endometriosis. There is no cure.

It is now 5 months since my surgery and I am in pain every single day. I have had to leave my full time job in healthcare as I was unable to do 12 hour shifts. I now work part-time as a receptionist. I can pretend to be alright most days and manage to fool most people. But unfortunately, I am not always able to do so, leading to time off work.

If you decide to make us pay for medical treatment or healthcare, I will not be able to afford to manage the awful pain I am in. I am already on several different types of pain relief and anti-depressants. I benefit so much from the NHS and they have helped me a lot. I would go out of my mind if I didn’t find some relief from my chronic pain.

So, I am pleading with you Mr Cameron, please please do not do away with the NHS. I know I am only one of thousand’s who wouldn’t survive without it.

Yours faithfully.


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