Somebody stop me! How have I turned a lovely outing into a feeding frenzy for my biggest addiction?

I have got to stop buying books. My shelves are full and yet I find new and ridiculous places to stack them? I cannot stop collecting stories! Charity shops are my favourite hunting ground- I’m not a book snob & can easily fill my book bag for £10! It is amazing. I even try to placate myself by thinking ‘I’ll bring in some of the ones I’ve already read’- yeah right! As if I’d ever get rid of them?!
The ones I’ve read are some of my favourites, it isn’t unrealistic of me to re-read them 4 or 5 times. I like knowing the ending, I like knowing what comes next, it feeds my impatient personality.
And if I stumble upon an author that I learn to like, god help my local bookshop- as I simple have to have all that she ever wrote! I am insatiable.
Reading is my favourite thing to do ever, along with stuffing my face and writing. And I won’t give it up for anyone! It’s one of my quirks and you’ll learn to love it. This is why I am so thankful I met my husband, he will willingly let me satisfy my need to find ‘pokey little bookshops’ on our holidays. He never frowns in a “not another book?” manner when a book-shaped parcel falls through the letter box- much to my delight. 💙 And he also matches my attachment to books, word for word, cover to cover.

Nothing makes me happier than a new book for my shelf, it’s the little things eh?
It probably also doesn’t help that my best friend is also an enthusiastic little bookworm. We can swap reviews and chat about books til the cows come home; she’s another one I can blame for this affliction ! 💜

These are a few of my most recent purchases:
*Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman and How to Build a Girl
*Alexis Jones’ I am that Girl
*G D Falksen’s The Ouroboros Cycle; 1, 2 & 3 (have a look at my reviews!)

What books have you fallen for lately? Let me know in the comments.

Go on, go get lost in binding.

A xo


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