Endometriosis on BBC Radio 2

This week, Endometriosis has been given a new platform by Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2.

I am happy to see that the word ‘Endometriosis’ is being talked about, it’s getting out there, people are speaking up.

What I didn’t appreciate was that they made it sounds like there was a lot of different options for treatment. The guest speaker politician spoke of her traumatic experience of periods and pain. But she implied that she no longer has Endometriosis since starting a combined contraceptive pill.

There is no cure for Endometriosis.

The biggest impact came when women suffering from this illness called in to discuss their experience. I became so overwhelmed, so emotional under the realisation that I am not alone. The understanding that there are 2 million and more women suffering with pain and infertility and the effects this illness causes. That I can totally get what it’s like and just how debilitating it is.

To listen to Jeremy’s show, click here.

Salute to Radio 2.

A xo


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